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How To Enable Google Chrome dark mode

Google chrome is mostly used and popular browser on android.It is available free on play store hitting with 1 billion+ downloads.

Many of apps on android are giving new features.Giving dark mode to apps and many of us love dark mode.YouTube also has recently introduced dark mode for pc and android app.

How to Enable Dark mode by Chrome Flags

1.Open Google Chrome

2.Enter Chrome://flags in the search bar.you can now see the chrome flags

3.Search for dark mode in search bar.You will find Android Chrome UI Dark Mode

4.Enable the Android Chrome UI dark mode.

5.Relaunch your browser

6.Go to settings you can find a dark mode option enable it.

You have now succesfully enabled dark mode for google chrome android.Also read the warning section in chrome://flags menu

If you face any problems by enabling the feature just go to the Chrome flags and reset it to default.