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How to Enable YouTube dark Theme on Pc

As we have using youTube it gives updates and new features to website and app.

Many of apps nowadays are coming with dark mode feature. Many of us love to use apps and websites in dark mode.

So today in these post i am going to show you “How to enable dark mode in youTube”.

  1. First of all open your browser in pc.

2. Go to youTube website. After visiting youTube on the top corner (as shown in the pic).

3. There you can find a dark theme option which is off. Click on the dark theme.

And you can find a button which turns on the dark theme for youtube.

4. After clicking on the DARK THEME YouTube gets into dark mode.

The dark theme feature will be applied only for the browser you used.

For applying on other browser in your pc do follow the steps from first.