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How to take Long Screenshot on Android

Taking a screenshot is easy on many android devices.Hold power button and volume down button and a screenshot is taken (depending on your device).

And now many new feature are coming to android devices you can also take screenshots by gestures by swiping two or three fingers depending on mobile devices.

But many times you have to take 2 or 3 screenshot and then join them.

  • Open play store and download longShot app.
  • Open the app and you can see many options.Capture screenshot or webpage or select screenshots to join.
  • How to take a screenshot.
  • You can use auto scroll,speed option or manually you can capture a screenshot.
  • To take a screenshot using auto scroll click on it.You have to on the ON the accessibility for using auto scroll.
  • Auto scroll captures screen you want to capture by itself until you click above the red line and it’s done.

So here i have showed you how you can easily take a long screenshot by LongShot app.