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Use Android phone as Mouse or keyboard

Hey there today we are going to show you how can you use your android phone as a mouse or keyboard.It was in old days that you have to sit near your pc or laptop due to wired mouse and keyboard.Today we have been using wireless mouse and keyboards.

But what if you don’t need that wireless mouse or keyboard. you only need a android phone to use it as mouse or keyboard.

1.Install REMOTE MOUSE on your android phone.


2.Install REMOTE MOUSE SERVER on your pc.

3.Connect your android and pc/laptop to same wifi network OR you can use it by android hotspot. Connect your pc/laptop to android hotspot.

4.And its done you can use your android as mouse or keyboard

You can use remote mouse without internet also.There are many amazing features in remote mouse.You can purchase app to remove ads and many more features.

If your pc don’t have wifi you have to get a wifi adapter.